Transportation Design autonom mover


is a vehicle concept for different costumers in urban areas.


Today‘s megatrends call for new mobility concepts that shift the focus from sporty and elegant to sustainable, modular and autonomous functions. The Capsy idea addresses these points and offers a conceptual solution for future mobility in urban areas. The highlight of the design is the modular structure, which flexibly addresses different customer needs in the form of a multifunctional interior.

The design

The simple and clear design of the exterior consists of two functional elements.

The basis is the „skateboard“ platform, which on the one hand houses the batteries and on the other works as support structure of the second element; the „glass“, modular capsule.

This exterior capsule sits on the platform and enables individual interior configurations. The symbiosis of these two elements creates a vehicle concept that is symmetrical on the left and right, as well as at the front and rear. This enables immediate movement in any direction. The lighting concept, which is based on current standards, adapts its color and contour depending on the direction of travel (i.e. if the vehicle changes its direction of travel, the light graphic adapts to the direction of travel).


The interior, which is easily accessible via large hinged doors, has a universal locking system, ensuring maximum flexibility.

The configuration options envisaged in the design are just three examples of many other possibilities:

– Transport box

– 2-seater/ lounge

– 4-seater/ couch

In transport box mode, the interior is basically empty. This concept offers a wide range of options for attaching and securing cargo items for transportation at defined attachment points.

In addition, this universal locking system can also be used to attach the various seat modules for passengers.

Further flexibility is provided by the arrangement of two seats opposite each other, which promotes communication between passengers. The 2-seater interior is thus increasingly aimed at people who require transportation in a professional context. For this reason, the seat has been designed so that it has both an integrated screen and enough space to work or place things on.

In contrast, the 4-seater interior offers a mobility solution for people in the private sphere. This configuration is intended to enable mobility in urban areas for all age groups and is therefore aimed at the everyday context, which can take place both within a family and among friends.

The storage compartment in the front and rear areas between the wheels offers additional storage space for items such as luggage.

Design approach:

By focusing on a wide-ranging target group and multifunctional use, the following design approaches were chosen in terms of shapes, color and material:

Shapes: Clear geometric shapes can be found both in the exterior (platform and capsule) and in the interior, supporting modularity and functionality.

Color concept and choice of materials: A mixture of friendly, bright and neutral colors was chosen here to best appeal to the wide-ranging user group.

The interior impresses with bright color accents combines with cozy and homely-looking textiles in the upper area.

Darker tones and more robust materials in the lower areas were chosen to ensure that the functional interfaces of the individual modules are seamlessly integrated and are also less susceptible to dirt.


With today‘s speed of change and new developments, the need for creative and pragmatic solution concepts in the field of mobility is increasing simultanously.

Capsy is intended to show how simple design, focusing on functionality, can make a sustainable contribution to urban mobility. Other fields of application such as autonomous driving, car sharing and modularity are also included in this concept.